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Laminarus Clue 1

27th May 2021 KAL 1 min read
Laminarus Clue 1



It's time to get started with clue 1 of our Laminarus KAL now. This clue is all about the yoke.

The cardigan begins with the striped shoulder saddles. They are worked in double garter stitch and start at the inner sides of the neck, and work out (with decreases) to the edge of the shoulder. From there you will pick up stitches along each side (adding stitches to the centre of the back) and work the back of the yoke. You can see that initially you will be working in double garter stitch and that will then become stockinette stitch in the lighter colour. You will then work straight until you need to start increases for your armholes, bringing the bust size to the width you need.

back of woman wearing laminarus cardigan in two shades of green with cables at the bottom of the body,

Once the back is complete you will do the same thing for each side of the front. There are two differences though, first you will be only working in stockinette stitch and secondly you'll also be adding some shaping in for you neck.

woman crouching in front of garden tools with hands clasped in front wearing a pink and purple cardigan


A big part of knitting for yourself is modifying the shape to fit your body. Before you begin knitting make sure you take your body measurement, that way you will be able to check your dimensions against the schematic. You can add the two shoulder widths together with the neck width to check that it matches your shoulder width. If it varies you can change the width you are knitting but then you will need to adjust the armhole shaping to ensure that you also get the bust width that you want.

If you wish to change the shape of the front neckline you can work more rows straight before increasing to create a 'scoop' neck or alternatively even work increases every other right side row to create a 'v-neck' option.

 Will you make any modifications?

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