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Stash Dive Summer Sweater 2024

2nd July 2024 KAL 5 min read
Stash Dive Summer Sweater 2024

Do you have stash yarn that is calling to be a sweater?

Nods, so did I!

This summer I had a strong desire to knit myself a new sweater. I wanted to keep it simple so I could begin knitting as soon as possible - but it also reminded me- I've been here before! 

This was where the idea for a summer version of my 2020 Stash Dive Sweater came from.

This was a top-down, drop-shoulder, cropped, over-sized sweater. As I knit through it, I recorded the videos and then turned it into a free Teachable workshop.

Now this seemed like an ideal starting point for my new summer sweater for 2024!

But then I thought you might like to join me in my summer project.

So our Summer Stash Dive Sweater Project was born.

This is an informal project where we can support each other as we use our stash yarns to knit a sweater. We will work through the basics of a top-down sweater, including sizing, neck shaping, working the body and sleeves, all with using your chosen yarn. 

Sound like fun? 

How Do I Join In?

  1. The starting place you will want to begin with is our Stash Dive chat space on Knithub. Here you can share the yarn you are using and chat with other knitters about the sweater decisions you are making.
  2. Sign up for the original Stash Dive Workshop. This will give you an overview of the project with some guidance on how to calculate your gauge and figure out your sizing.
  3. Finally, make sure you join us for our brand new YouTube video series. We will have 5 videos, once a week, with the first one premiering on Wednesday 10th July at 7pm Irish time. You can click 'Notify Me' on the post so you don't miss it. During these premiers, I'll be in the comments live so you can post any questions you might have as the video is playing and get an instant reply.


So if you have stash yarn that is calling to grow up into a sweater, then this is the project for you!

See you on YouTube! 

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Carol Feller

Carol trained as a structural engineer, and she brings that love of analysing structure into her knitting, creating complex patterns that are easy to understand, while her approach to process is all about testing and playing, and making mistakes along the way. That’s where the joy lies!

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