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Join the Next Stolen Stitches Knit-along

If you frequently find that you run out of steam before you finish your knits or you haven’t tried any new techniques in a while, then our KALs (knit-alongs) may be just the thing for you! The comradery of many knitters working on the same project together, encouraging each other along can be a huge help to get across that finish line.

Our Previous Knit-along

February 2024 was our most recent knit-along, the Grianchloch Shawl. This delicate biased shawl was a mystery, with each new section revealed as a 'clue' send out on the scheduled dates. This pattern is now available as a complete pattern, or if you want the video workshop just add the workshop instead which will include the pattern.

Lots of Support

All of our KALs have pattern directions released in steps, with tips for every section and a complimentary step-by-step video tutorial series. It’s a great way of learning new techniques and challenging yourself to stretch your knitting skills.

All videos are recorded in english with captions enabeled. All workshops, once released, are avilable 24/7 with lifetime access. Support is available via our interactive comments sections beneath our workshops and within our dedicated community space in Knithub.

Tips and tricks for a successful knit-along

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help you make the most of your knit-along experience:

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need before the knit-along starts.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself and pace yourself accordingly.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice in our forums if you need it.
  • Use stitch markers or other tools to keep track of your progress and avoid mistakes.
  • Take breaks and stretch your hands and arms regularly.
  • Enjoy the process and don't worry too much about the finished product. Knitting should be fun and relaxing!


All you have to do is to purchase the current KAL pattern at the top of this page.
When you purchase on this site at the end of the checkout process, you will have a button to ‘Add to Ravelry’ so you can also add it to Ravelry.
You will be auto enrolled in the video classes on Teachable (they come out at the same time as the pattern clues) and get an invitation to the Knithub chat space.

At its simplest, a knit-along (or KAL for short) is a group of knitters who work on the same project at the same time. Typically, a knit-along has a set start and end date, and participants follow a pattern or set of instructions provided.

Knit-alongs can take many forms, from local knitting groups who meet in person to online communities who connect through social media, forums or dedicated platforms. Some knit-alongs are organized around a specific theme or yarn, while others are more free-form and allow participants to choose their own projects within a broad category. Here we have 3 garment KALs a year and one Mystery KAL in February.

You can join our current KAL by buying the current KAL pattern above. The pattern is released as a series of clues that will be sent as pattern updates. In the pattern, you will also get a code to access the complimentary step-by-step video workshops. Community chat and support are provided in our Knithub.

No. We do have yarn kits available, but you can join us with yarn from your stash if you prefer!

Don't panic! You can also consult our accompanying tutorials, or reach out to us for help or advice. You can do this in our Knithub, in our dedicated comment threads in our tutorials, or on our social channels.

A mystery knit-along or MKAL is when a group of knitters come together and knit a pattern without knowing what the final finished object will look like. We run our mystery Knit-along annually in February.

On purchase of the KAL pattern, you will be auto enrolled in the accompanying workshop classes on Teachable. You will be notified via the email you used to sign up. These classes will be released at the same time as the pattern clues. You will also receive an invitation to the dedicated Knithub chat space for the KAL.