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Grianchloch Mystery Knit-along | Clue 3

5th March 2024 KAL 5 min read
Grianchloch Mystery Knit-along | Clue 3

Can you believe we are on the final clue of our mystery knit-along?

Clue 3 is all about finishing.

Most of this clue will use the contrast colour(s), with the main colour only coming into the last few rows and bind off.

This final section of the shawl works the Butterfly Stitch in only the contrast colours. If you have two contrast colours, you will change the colour every 6 rows (as shown in the chart).

If you have a single contrast colour, all rows will be worked in the single colour.

When you finish with your Butterfly stitch pattern, you will return to the main colour to work the edging and Picot Bind-Off. This combination of large yarn overs followed by the Picot Bind-off creates a nice dramatic edging for your shawl.

Butterfly Pattern Tips

The Butterfly Stitch is delicate and beautiful. It uses slipped stitches over a few rows that are gathered together to create a butterfly effect.

You need to be careful with the Butterfly stitch as the first row begins on the wrong side, which can trip people up!

In addition to this, all the slipped stitches happen on the wrong side of the work. When you are slipping wyib (with yarn in back), it is the back relative to how you are holding your work. So the 'back' when you are working the WS is on the RS!

If you've got a lot of extra contrast colour left, you can just keep going with this section! Keep working the Butterfly Stitch as long as you'd like.

If you want to incorporate more of the Wave Stitch pattern into this section, remember the Wave stitch pattern is in multiples of 10 stitches. So you just need to move 10 more stitches inside your pattern marker.

I can't wait to see how you all finish your shawls and don't forget if you have any questions we are live on YouTube this Thursday and you'll find us in Teachable and Knithub! 


With shawls, blocking is very important! You will want to block your shawl aggressively, stretching out the fabric so that it becomes open and drapey.

I like to use a combination of blocking wires and pins or knit blockers to pin it out when it is wet. You can find more on this with your accompanying MKAL workshops. 


Join us live on YouTube

Don't forget we will be live over on YouTube at 3.30pm Irish Time/10.30am EST to chat through this clue and share some tips. You can subscribe here and receive a notification when we are live. 

Don't forget to pop all your finished clue 3 photos into this thread for our community prize raffle! 


How to join the 2024 Mystery Knit-along

If you're reading this, it's not too late to join us! 

You can pop over here and you'll get complimentary access to all our step-by-step workshops for the MKAL as well as our exclusive community threads over on Knithub.

You can catch up with clue 1 right here and clue 2 here

We can't wait to see all the shawls popping up online! 

I hope you've enjoyed taking part in this mystery knit-along. 

See you over in Knithub. 



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