Celtic Knits Club

Celtic Knits Club 2021 is closed, individual patterns and yarn kits will be available in autumn 2021. Kits and workshops from previous years can be found here.

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How it all started

In 2020 I wanted to try something brand new when I launched the Celtic Knits Club. I really wanted to teach you about cables, promote Irish yarn and introduce you to some amazing local craft producers. I had no idea if anyone would be interested, but you all blew me away with your excitement and enjoyment of the club! I've been thinking carefully about the 2021 club, and I wanted to really to build on what we started last year.

Here's a little taste of the 2020 club:

curdach blanket
muileata scarf
curdach cardigan
santach hat

So what is my plan for 2021?

This club will still have 3 deliveries; in February, April and June. There will be 3 small to medium-sized projects with each delivery plus this year I'm adding a fun new option! I'm a big believer in swatches. They give you so much information, but then you're left with all of those swatches unused. Can you see where I'm going? With this club, I'm building the swatches into the project. Each instalment will come with enough yarn for 2 large swatches that will be big enough to form blanket squares. That way, with each small project, you will have 2 big blanket 'swatches' that will become part of a blanket. In addition, you'll get a few extra skeins of yarn to create plain blanket blocks that will form the outer edge of your final blanket. These are almost like palate cleansers between your more complex projects. Nice, quick little squares. When all the projects are complete, I'll send you directions for assembling and finishing the blanket.

What's in the Club?

The cost of the club covers 3 deliveries; each delivery has Blasta yarn, special stitch markers designed for the club plus another treat. All treats are produced by local Cork craftspeople and developed exclusively for the club. After each delivery, you will get a download update with a new pattern and full video workshop to complement the pattern. In addition, there will be the full assembly blanket directions (and videos), and I may even sneak a bonus pattern in there for you. Yes, that's a whopping 5 patterns with video workshops! But wait there's more! This year I'm thrilled to let you know that the very talented Irish designer Eimear Earley will be designing one of the club patterns also. Trust me; it's worth keeping your eyes peeled for!

Club Timing

Each pattern and video update will be sent to you via email in the middle of the club package month with a bonus pattern coming at the end of July!
  • First club package will be shipped in March.
  • Second club package will be shipped in May.
  • Third club package will be shipped in July.

Local Craftspeople

You might be wondering who I've teamed up with this year for the Celtic Knits Club. You can use the following links to find out more about these wonderful collaborators:

Club Options

There are a few different options for the club this year.
  1. Different Colour Options to Choose
  2. Pick your club size; Full Club, Small Projects only or Pattern/Workshop only.
  3. Full payment (most cost-effective) or installment plan

Want to sign up?

Full club membership for the 2021 clue is now closed. The digital options (includes both patterns and workshops) is still available here.