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At Stolen Stitches we are working towards a more sustainable business model. This is a slow process, that requires careful examination of each step along the way. This means that it's a constantly evolving process, where we aim to continue to do better with every decision and choice we make.



Knitting can be in itself an environmentally friendly action, slow, carefully purchased, natural yarns to make hand knitted garments. Knitting is not about instant gratification, we think carefully and plan our work and commit to each stitch we knit.


Where We are Going

We are committed to reducing our use of single-use plastics, and intend for all packaging that we send to be environmentally friendly by mid- 2022. For larger packages we have considerable stock of light weight postage bags. These may take longer to work through.

We choose our materials with care, and hope for them to be recyclable or reusable whenever possible. Any items we receive that cannot be reused will be recycled where possible.

We encourage all of our suppliers to do the same, and request that little or no non-recyclables be used when we are receiving items.

Unless requested, the majority of our parcels use the postal system to avoid single journeys.

Whenever possible, we source within Ireland, supporting local businesses and Irish crafts.

Our wools are free from cruelty to animals and humans. None of our wools are produced by mulesing. We buy from reliable sources and continue to ask questions about where the wool has come from, who made it, and how.

Our sustainability journey is a work in progress, but our aim is to continue to make choices that are good for our customers, our staff, animals and the planet.

If you have any questions about any of our practices or products, please get in touch with us!

Our sustainability policy is constantly evolving so please check back to this page for future updates.