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Helping you to create beautiful handknits in stolen moments.

Here at Stolen Stitches, helping you to create exceptional handknits is the heart of what we do. Knitting takes time and we firmly believe with the right tools, tips and techniques you can craft beautiful pieces in whatever time you have available to you.

Knitting should be fun!

We know that new techniques can be frustrating.

Don't worry we got you;

From in-depth tutorials to workshops, knit-alongs and lives, you'll find the support you need to knit patterns by Carol Feller in a way that is fun, informative and friendly so you'll never have to feel lost or alone while you knit.

Carol Feller


Who is Carol Feller?

Stolen Stitches is based in Cork, Ireland and founded by Carol Feller. Carol Feller is a knitwear designer and teacher that started off as a structural engineer.

As with many Irish children she learned to knit while still in primary school and spent many years knitting cardigans for her dolls and occasionally herself. There is a strong history of crafting in her family; her mother sewed much of her clothes, her grandmother was an expert knitter and her aunt ran a knitting shop in Dublin.

Creative construction for an enhanced knitting experience

Carol trained initially as a textile artist and then as a structural engineer. While both of these backgrounds are very different the influences can be seen in her design work which is well-shaped, flattering to wear and enjoyable to knit. She strives to design clothing with a difference: not overly complex, but still giving a very unique end product. She likes to work with different construction methods, so long as they enhance the knitting experience and make for a more intuitively put-together knitted item.

Carol has been widely published in books and magazine and travels the world teaching in yarn shops and fibre festivals. The classes she teaches cover a wide range of subjects from cables and chart reading, through garment shaping and customisation right through to short rows and colourwork. In her classes you'll move from learning the basics to refining your knitting skills and fixing problems.



Do you want to know more about Nua yarn?

When you can't find what you're looking for you create it.

Nua yarns are the result of a yarn show discussion that took on a life of it's own.

Nua Sport and Nua Worsted are designed by Carol Feller in conjunction with Fyberspates to create beautiful, unique yarns that feel good to knit with and to wear.

This yarn is produced in Peru but the colours and aesthetic of the yarn have a very strong Irish influence.

Both Nua yarn weights are a soft blend of merino, yak, and linen. Each of these fibres contributes something special to create an amazing yarn blend.

Merino provides a soft, squishy, and versatile base. Yak adds a unique silkiness to the yarn that your fingers will simply love. Finally, linen, adds strength and durability.

Nua is non-superwash, which creates a lighter yarn with a bit more bounce, making blocking easier and helping projects (especially garments) to hold their shape nicely not to mention it gives cable projects a nice textured pop!


What's Next?

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