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Stolen Stitches Welcome Guide

Stolen Stitches Welcome Guide


Did you just say yes to joining our craft community? 

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you here.

We know to some that it can be a little overwhelming joining in at first. 

There are so many things to choose from, tutorials, yarn, patterns, kits, that we don't want you wandering around without a friendly guide at the start. 

Keep scrolling for our mini-guide to get you started....


The Beginner Knitter

If you are looking to start your knitting adventure, or maybe you already have, but you want to learn more, you can start here.

Carol takes you right the way through from never having held a knitting needle to all you need to know about yarn, patterns and the tools you use.

You can also choose what level of support you'd like from 'send everything I need to my door' to 'I just want the online classes, please!'

Oh, and if you have a question don't be silent! 

We have an FAQ guide and you can also contact us here



The Adventurous Beginner 

We have our project workshops for those who like to learn as they go and find a project they can dive into. 

You can choose pattern only,  pattern plus yarn kit or pattern, yarn kit and the full guided project workshops. 

The difference between our project workshops and our free tutorials is that our online workshops walk you step-by-step through your chosen project. 

So all the information you need is right there at a time convenient for you.

Browse our Project Workshops Here >> 



The Intermediate Knitter 

You might not need a complete guided tutorial sequence. Still, you might need a specialist quick tutorial here or there or to ask a question that's bugging you.

All Stolen Stitches patterns come with tutorials and support. It's up to you to choose the level of support you need. 

You can find all our tutorials here, and you can always ask a question in our group chat here.

And our group chat isn't just for customer service.

It really is a group chat.

We share our makes, what's currently on our needles (not just Stolen Stitches patterns), and of course, our latest yarn love at the moment. 

Don't be scared to join in, you can be as vocal or as quiet as you like. 



The Experienced Knitter 

Oh yes, for you, we have some pattern techniques that may pique your interest.

Carol has become known in the yarn world for her interesting construction methods.

It's her engineering background coming out. 

She is fascinated by how things come together and how they build on one another.

You could say that construction methods are her jam.

But as you gain more and more experience you might be interested in learning different techniques. 

You can see these techniques by browsing patterns by technique here, and yes, they do come with tutorials and pattern support. But, you guessed that, right? If or when you need us, we are right here for you. 



The Yarn Enthusiast 

Oh, for you, we have a real treat.

Over the last few years, we have developed unique yarns that make cables pop, are a textured stitches dream, and some of them contain 60% Fine Irish fibre!

Yes, you won't be seeing that anywhere else. 

Now don't take our word for it; you can explore what all the other makers thought about our yarns on their yarn pages

They talk about colour, blocking, bloom, bounce, how it ran through their fingers during a crafternoon session... 

You can even hear how others had to stop and admire how their projects smelled as they worked on them. 

Yes, we do that too! 

I believe that yarn sniffing should have its own tag on Instagram once they develop smell-o-vision. 

You can see from our shop that we don't stock *all the yarns* because we aren't here to sell you *all the yarn*.

We want you to have the yarn that's designed for the patterns that Carol dreamed of.

So on Stolen Stitches, you'll only see yarn that Carol has worked with herself. 

Yes, you can think of it as her seal of approval. 😉



The Need-To-Know

Finally, you're probably wondering where we all hang out!

There are all our social channels:

Twitter  Facebook  Instagram  Youtube

but we chat mostly in our FB group here and our new KnitHub community here.  If you want to find out more about KnitHub we have a handy blog post here. 

Our Instagram Lives are where we put Carol through her paces on Thursdays at 2.30 pm Irish Time and 9.30 am Eastern. 
During our clubs and knit-alongs (KALs), you'll find us chatting in their designated threads on Teachable and Stolen Stitches.

(Pssst - not sure what a KAL is? Click here.

We also send out a weekly email round up because we know you're busy and don't have the time to be everywhere online. 

Oh, and don't worry, they aren't sales emails. 

Yes, you'll be the first to know about new patterns, kits and yarn, but you'll also get all the behind the scenes info, discounts, special freebies, and more. 

One of our favourite features is sharing an answer to another makers problem. 

Be it tightening up those stitches, joining in new yarn, and most recently, the right way to swatch, we believe that we all learn better together. 

And what better way to learn than asking questions, right?

Welcome to our woolly family. 

We can't wait to see what you do here. 

(No, really! Don't forget to tag us on social #stolenstitches or share it in the group. We'll be the first to cheer!)