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Announcing Clue 2 of the Holly Blue Knit-along 2023

25th May 2023 KAL 2 min read
Holle Blue Cardigan Knitalong Clue 2

Are we excited?

We can't quite believe it but Clue 2 of the Holly Blue cardigan knit-along is live! It's time to grab your wip's and prepare for some knitting fun. 

Don't worry if you haven't finished Clue 1 yet. It's more important that you enjoy the knit-along at your own pace and have a garment that you are thrilled with! 

What's happening in Clue 2?

It's time to move on to the body of the Holly Blue cardigan.

In this clue we will be:

  • dividing for the sleeves, putting these stitches on a holder and moving on to the main body section. 
  • working through waist increases and decreases,
  • working the body Bumblebee lace pattern
  • Moving on to the body ribbing 
  • Casting off the body! 

In your pattern workshop, you will also find video tutorials on bust modifications and checking your bust size. 

You can find all of your KAL step-by-step videos right here and if you're just finding out about our spring 2023 knit-along you can join us here. 

Holly Blue Cardigan kit with Hatter's Teal Party Nua Yarn

Clue 1 Prize

Don't forget you still have time to post your knit-along wip in Knithub or on social with the tag #HOLLYBLUEKAL before we choose our clue 1 winner! Carol will choose and announce a clue 1 winner on May 31st 2023. 

Holly Blue Knit-along Clue 2 FAQ

Why is the pattern released as clues? 

Our knit-along or KAL is released in several sections called 'clues' so that our community can knit each section together and learn from each other. It also stops people racing ahead and gives slower knitters time to catch up before the next clue is released. 

This is also a great way to knit your first garment or learn about bust modifications. You also have the support and camaraderie of other knitters just like you. This means that if you stumble with a particular stitch or technique, you can see how others (and Carol) would approach it. 


Is my neck size too big? 

The neck as measured may seem bigger. This is for 2 reasons; first is that cast-ons can stretch out and will be measured larger, but secondly (most important!) you increase immediately after the cast-on so it gets larger very quickly.

If you measure your stitch gauge and it is correct, this is the most important thing. The neck edging is worked afterwards, and picking up stitches will tighten the neck edge up and hold it's stability. You can even drop down a needle size if you are concerned about the size of the neck.


I'm worried about my yoke being too big!

It's okay to pause at this point and try on your garment. This is the best thing about top-down knitting! Lace does tend to grow/bloom with wet blocking, so slipping your wip onto some waste yarn or spare cables that are long enough and gently steam blocking will give you an idea of the finished garment. 

Note that the button band and neckband will add a bit of growth constraint and structure to your garment. The mid-project blocking should help you get a better idea of whether or not the yoke fabric will sit on / around your shoulders. 


Can I change the body shape?

In the knit-along each clue comes with tips to modify that section of the garment. The body of the sweater has gentle a-line shaping. You will find suggestions on how you can omit that shaping or even create a more fitted waist.

About the Author

Carol Feller

Carol trained as a structural engineer, and she brings that love of analysing structure into her knitting, creating complex patterns that are easy to understand, while her approach to process is all about testing and playing, and making mistakes along the way. That’s where the joy lies!

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