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Learn to Knit: Tightening Up Cable Edge Stitch

8th March 2018 cables 3 min read
Learn to Knit: Tightening Up Cable Edge Stitch | Stolen Stitches

Tightening Up Cable Edge Stitch Tutorial

Frequently knitters have problems with the left edge of their cable stitch being very loose. The main reason for this is the purl stitch that follows the cable. Purl stitches use more yarn which allows the excess yarn to slip into the knit stitch next to it. I find that wrapping the purl stitch 'backwards' really helps tighten and tidy up that edge of my cable.

How to work this:

  1. When working your purl stitch wrap yarn the 'wrong' way, clockwise around the needle.
  2. When you work this stitch on the next row correct the mount so that the stitch is not twisted.

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