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Learn to Knit: Twisted Stitch Cables

18th July 2023 cables 3 min read
Blog posts Learn to Knit: Twisted Stitch Cables tutorial from stolen stitches

Cables are a fantastic way to add depth, texture, and visual interest to your knitting. Twisted stitch cables, in particular, offer a captivating twist to the traditional cable design.

You can create very attractive, delicate cables by twisting the stitch in single cross cables. This creates a very defined stitch that really pops out from your work.


  1. Every right side row, for the cabled stitch knit the stitch through the back loops.
  2. On the wrong side row, for the cabled stitch, purl the stitch through the back loops.

Purling a stitch through the back loops can be a little tricky. If you want to see it in more detail, just click on the previous link.

See this cable in action here:


Cable FAQs

How do I fix a mis-crossed cable? 

We have a tutorial on how to fix mis-crossed cables right here.


How do I tighten up a cable edge? 

We also have a tutorial on to tighten up a cable edge in your knitting right here. 


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