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Learn to Knit: Elastic Bind-Off

27th March 2018 bind-off 5 min read
Learn to Knit: How to Work An Elastic Bind-Off | Elastic Cast-Off

Learn to Knit: Elastic Bind-Off Tutorial

When you finish your knitting the type of bind-off (cast-off) you use can make a huge difference. This is particularly the case if you're doing a stretchy lace shawl or a top down sweater.

If your bind-off is too tight you can't stretch your knitting out fully and it just doesn't look right. I usually use the elastic bind-off for edging that needs to stretch

The elastic bind off adds an extra stitch to the standard bind off, you work 2 stitches then knit them together through the back loops. This extra step allows the edge to stretch a bit more.

 Step 1:

You start off by knitting 2 stitches.

Step 2:

Next you will slip the 2 stitches back to the left needle and knit together them through the back loops.

Alternative Step 2:

To speed up step 2 you can leave the 2 stitches on the right needle and then insert the left needle into the front of the stitches to knit them together.

Step 3:

Now you will knit one more stitch and repeat step 2 again.

Just keep working like this until you have bound off all the stitches that need to be bound off.


If you see Elastic Bind-Off written in a pattern the directions will look something like this:

K1, *k1, slip 2 stitches back to left needle, k2tog through back loops; repeat from * to end. Fasten off.

And that's it. I hope you have fun with your new stretchy bind-off. 

If you'd like to learn more, why not try How To Bind Off / Cast Off.


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