2 Colour Flat Brioche


This video will explain how to work the brioche stitch, flat using 2 colours.

With two colour brioche you work each side twice, sliding the stitches back to the start of the needle (circular needle is needed) to work the second colour.

On each side of your work it looks almost identical but the colour of the brioche knit columns on that side will be the dominate side. For this reason instead of labelling the sides right and wrong side we will refer to them as Dark Side (DS) and Light Side (LS).

If you are new to Brioche I'd suggest checking out my free Brioche Workshop here:


Brioche Knit (brk)
Knit yarnover and stitch together.

Brioche Purl (brp)
Purl yarnover and stitch together.

When it follows brk: Bring yarn to front of work, slip stitch purlwise, bring yarn to back of work over needle to work next stitch which creates a yarnover and position yarn to work brk.
When it follows brp: Slip stitch purlwise, bring yarn from front to back over needle and back between needles to create yarnover and position yarn to work brp.