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28mm Mother of Pearl Button | Set of 2

This cute button is the perfect finish for your garment. It has a diameter of 28mm. As this is a natural product, every button is unique!



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Mother of pearl buttons are beautifully unique, so they can be identified by their iridescent, pearl-like sheen. When rotated, the buttons reflect different hues and shades of light, giving them a multi-coloured appearance. They are often oval or round and have a smooth, glossy surface. 

Mother of pearl buttons are made from various mollusk shells, primarily pearl oysters or abalone. Shell buttons, on the other hand, are made from the shell of a variety of creatures such as mussels and snails. 

Mother of pearl buttons are sourced from various mollusk shells such as pearl oysters, abalone and conch. These shells are harvested from oceans around the world and then turned into delicate buttons. The harvesting process is highly regulated to ensure sustainability, so that there will be a continuous supply of mother of pearl buttons for generations to come.

There are three main types of mother of pearl buttons: Baroque, Disc and Shank. Baroque buttons feature a variety of shapes and sizes, from large to small and from triangular to dome-shaped. Disc buttons are flat and circular, whilst Shank buttons have a hole in the centre that allows them to be attached firmly to fabric. 

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