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Knit Basics: Short Rows Overview

11th April 2022 Techniques 5 min read
How to Knit | Short Rows knitting tutorial

Short rows are a little bit magical. You are simply turning your work before you get to the end of a row and working back in the other direction. The reason it can become a bit more difficult is in hiding that turn. If you don't do anything other than turning our work you will have a hole. This is because there is a height difference between one row and the next. All of the methods used for short rows are different ways in which you can hide that gap.

Wrap & Turn, Japanese and Yarnover methods all create a small loop of yarn that you can work together with the next stitch to close the gap. German Short rows pull the row below up, and hide the gap that way. Shadow wraps work a lifted increase into the next stitch that is knit with the stitch to close the gap.

Some more Short Row Knitting Tutorials:

If you want to go more in-depth with your short rows you can find our Masterclass here.

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