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Learn to Knit: How To Pick Up Stitches

28th May 2017 finishing 1 min read
How To Pick Up Stitches in Knitting | Knitting Tutorial

How To Pick Up Stitches Knitting Tutorial

When you go to 'pick up and knit' you both pick up a stitch and knit it.

How I work it:

  1. Put right needle tip into the first 'clean' hole at the edge of the row.
  2. Wrap my yarn around the needle tip and pull it through to create a stitch.
  3. Work up along the edge of your work, picking up (and skipping rows) in the ratio required for your row gauge.

If you are picking up cast on or bound off stitches you will pick up and knit one stitch for each cast on/bound off stitch.

If you are asked just to 'pick up' stitches you will only do the first part of this, without knitting the gap you have picked up.

How I pick up along the edge of my knitting (both selvedge and bound off edge):

You can learn a bit more about about the ratio for picking up stitches in this video along with more demonstrations on picking up and knitting stitches.


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