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Learn to Knit: Circular Swatching

28th September 2018 Circular 0 min read
Learn to Knit: Circular Swatching | Stolen Stitches Tutorial

When you are working a project in the round it is very useful to swatch in the round. This is because frequently knitters gauges change between knit and purl and a swatch in the round will give you a more accurate gauge.

If however you did a true circular swatch it would need to be very large to join in the round. In this video I'll show you a little 'cheat' method of working a circular swatch flat. You can do it using a circular needle or double pointed needles, just slipping to the right end of the work and looping your yarn around the back to create a flat 'circular' swatch.

Flat Swatching in the Round:


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Carol Feller

Carol trained as a structural engineer, and she brings that love of analysing structure into her knitting, creating complex patterns that are easy to understand, while her approach to process is all about testing and playing, and making mistakes along the way. That’s where the joy lies!

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