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How to Work a Yarnover Between Knit and Purl Stitches

25th May 2017 increases 0 min read
How to Work a Yarnover Between Knit and Purl Stitches | Stolen Stitches Tutorial

When you are working lace you will always be using yarnovers.

If you work a yarnover between two knit stitches it's very simple, just wrap the yarn around the needle in the direction you wrap your yarn when you knit.

However when you are working a yarnover between and knit and purl stitch it becomes trickier. In order to wrap the yarn around the needle you have to bring the yarn to the front of the work (in order the work the next purl stitch) and then wrap it around the needle. This uses more yarn and therefore creates a larger yarnover.

It is possible to wrap the yarn in the other direction around the needle, this creates a stitch that is mounted backwards on the needle so you will have to knit into the other side of the yarnover on the next row. It does however create a smaller yarnover.

I've put a small video together showing these two different methods below:

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Carol trained as a structural engineer, and she brings that love of analysing structure into her knitting, creating complex patterns that are easy to understand, while her approach to process is all about testing and playing, and making mistakes along the way. That’s where the joy lies!

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