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Masterclass | Short Row Knitting

Everything you need to master Short Rows in your knitting. If you feel intimidated by short rows and how to use them them this is the class for you!

Find out the different types, where to use them and how to swap one technique for another.

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Content Overview:

Wrap & Turn Short Rows & Overview of How to Use
Japanese Short Rows & Using in Garments
Yarnover Short Rows & Using in Socks
German Short Rows & Working with Stitch Patterns
Shadow Wraps & Bust Shaping
3-Dimensional Shapes and Curves plus changing Short Row type

All of our video classes are hosted on the Teachable website. Once you enroll you will have on demand access 24 hours a day for as long as you need it. There is also a discussion forum where you can chat with other knitters about the project.

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