Bubble Dash Yarn Kit

Stripes, bubbles and dashes of different colour, you can have fun combining colours in this shawl! Worked from the tip up you'll enjoy working this unusual construction.

This is for the YARN only. Pattern can be purchased here.

€57.00 EUR


More Details

Each kit has 5 skeins of yarn and a project bag or tote bag are included.

There will be 2 skeins of the first colour and a single skein of the other 3 colours.

Option A:
C1: Unexpected Macaw (9804) 2 skeins, C2: Late Night Blues (9811) 1 skein, C3: Figment (9813) 1 skein,C4: Café Flamingo (9812) 1 skein

Option B:
C1: Bare Necessities (9806) 2 skeins, C2: Rolling Bales (9808) 1 skein, C3: Capall (9805) 1 skein, C4: Broken Tiles (9814) 1 skein

Approximate Yardage:
C1: 296 yds (271 m), C2: 148 yds (135 m), C3: 128 yds (117 m), C4: 84 yds (77 m).
This yardage is for shawl only. Use remains of skeins for optional fringe. Fringe as shown used 26 g of yarn; 80 yds / 73 m of yarn in total in a variety of colours.

If you wish to extend the shawl the best choice of extra yarn would be the second colour as this is almost completely used up.

For Option A you would need a skein of Late Night Blues  here.

For Option B you would need a skein of Rolling Bales  here.