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Cosy Knits


Cosy Knits is published October 2019 by Stolen Stitches.

Cosy Knits print or digital available.

Please note that every print copy of the book comes with a complementary digital version. All know errata will be updated as quickly as possible on the digital version and you will be sent a link to download the updated version.

Video Links for Book Tutorials

Cable Cast-On

Long Tail Cast-On

Provisional Cast-On; Crochet Method

Short Rows; Wrap & Turn (w&t) method

Short Rows; German Short Row Method

Working with Cables

Circular Knitting


V2: November 18th.

Page 26: Rnd 35: Ssk, k1, k2tog,.....

(Change cdd to k1 on round 35 of Lace Yoke Pattern B for both written and chart directions).

V3: November 26th 2019.

P21: Chevrons: Rnd 1 should end 'rep from * 11 more times. '