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Scroll down for help on different topics, these cover shipping, digital downloads and how our KALs work.

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We try to get most orders shipped within 48 hours on working days. If there is going to be a delay we will let you know.

Orders to Ireland should take 2-3 days.

Orders to the rest of the world will take at least 1-3 weeks. During holiday times shipping times increase greatly.

If your order hasn't arrived after 4 weeks please contact us.

The default currency on Stolen Stitches is the euro. If you wish to pay in USD, CAD, AUD or £ click the drop down currency menu at top or bottom of the page to change the currency you see listed and are charged. If you create an account your currency choice will be saved.

In the unlikely event a mistake has been made with your order we will correct the mistake and refund any postage costs incurred.

When you have completed your order you will receive a link to download the pattern and also an email with a link to the pattern or book pdf. This can be used several times. If a pattern is updated you will receive a link to download a new version of the pdf.

If you have an account at Stolen Stitches you will be able to find all your downloads on your account page as well as a download link on each order page that had a digital download.

On a desktop or ipad you click 'checkout' and then after that on the next page there will be a field on the left for 'apply discount code'.  On a phone at the check out you need to click the ‘show order summary’ drop down menu to add your code. Only one discount code can be used at a time so if if there is already one applied you will have to remove before you apply the new one.

Discount coupons from the Reward club cannot be redeemed against Clubs and Subscriptions at the present time.

Online Classes: FAQs

All of our online courses are hosted on the Teachable platform (but within the Stolen Stitches school).

This will require a separate account (login and password) from the Stolen Stitches website. If you are still having problems accessing your Teachable courses this FAQ may be of some help to you!

The full catalogue of all our online Teachable courses can be found here.

If you've purchased a Teachable (video workshop)class then you need to go to the top banner of the page where it says 'login' and enter your user name and password.

NOTE: The email you used for purchase is the one you will need to have your account under to be able to access your class. If you need to use a different email please contact us to change it for you in the system.

You will have a different account for the Teachable online teaching platform. This is not the same website as Stolen Stitches.

When you click 'enroll' on a class you are brought to the purchase page. At the top of the page under the image of the course you will see a small blue button that says 'Add Coupon'. When you click on this it will give you the option to add a discount coupon.

From Teachable:

The most common login issues we come across are browser-related. We recommend that your students open an incognito window (also known as InPrivate or Private Browsing, depending on the browser) and logging in to the school from there.

Additionally, see if your students can try an alternative internet browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). If successful, they may need to clear their browser cache and cookies.

There are a few more common troubleshooting techniques that they can try, like updating their browser, testing their internet speed, etc., that may resolve the issue as well.

For more information on logging in and accessing your course as a student, you can send these Knowledge Base articles to your students:

Student Guide - Logging In and Accessing Your Course

Student Guide - Login Issues

Make sure you are on the Stolen Stitches Teachable page:

The more general 'Teachable' website is different and will be a different log-in.

Knit-along: FAQs

KAL stands for Knit-along, and it's where a group of knitters all knit the same project simultaneously. This is done by a timed release of pattern sections so that everyone has a chance to complete each section before moving forward.

A MKAL stands for mystery knit-along. It's the same as a KAL but the pattern remains a surprise.

To find more details on or KAL go to the KAL page here.

If you've taken part in a KAL before, you'll know I love tutorials. Using video tutorials allows me to knit along with you, explaining the steps as we work. In addition, all videos and patterns will be hosted in a dedicated teaching forum (Teachable), so it will be easy for you to follow along as we work through the projects.

When you purchase a KAL/MKAL pattern on Stolen Stitches, you will automatically be enrolled in the video workshop as well. It's our way of saying thank you.

This workshop is hosted on the Teachable website, and you will receive a separate email telling you that you are enrolled.

Initially, it will just have a welcome message with yarn info and the videos will be added when the pattern clues are sent out. (You will need to be logged in to access.)

On the top right of Teachable, you will find the login link and will then have access to your classes through the 'My Classes' tab.

On purchase, you are auto-enrolled into our private chat group on Knithub.

Please note that our Knithub has the same login that you use for your video workshop on Teachable.

If Facebook is your thing, then you can join our Facebook group here, where we talk about all things Stolen Stitches, knitting, and yarn. 

You can also find us on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest if you're looking for us online.

We know that knitters have a social side. If you want to share outside the Knithub forum, you can share your images or messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the tag #stolenstitches so that we can find your post and share it too!

We also use the tag with the current KAL/MKAL and then the date like these: #stolenstitchesMKAL24 and #stolenstitchesKAL23

We love seeing your posts and hearing how you are getting on, so don't be afraid to tag us. We kindly ask you to be mindful of spoilers during the mystery knit-along as everyone has different knitting speeds and we want everyone to be able to enjoy their experience. :)

1. Start swatching!

Log into Teachable, open your welcome PDF, and start working through your swatch. All you need is a blocked stitch swatch in your chosen yarn as mentioned in your pattern PDF or in Teachable.

2. Say hello in our Knithub forum!

If you need help with your swatch, pop a comment in the forum, and we will be right with you as soon as possible. Please note we work in the GMT timezone, so you might post when we are sleeping, but we will reply as soon as we are at our desks!  

If this is your first time joining the Stolen Stitches community, then you can read our welcome guide here, which will give you an overview of everything happening at Stolen Stitches. 

We will be doing our best to make this a fun experience for you, and it's a great way to learn new techniques and make some knitting friends along the way.

Often knitters who become friends in our KALs stay connected via our forums on Knithub. This is the same login as your Teachable (where the video lessons will be).

Also, don't worry, you can be as involved or as quiet as you like. This is all about making this a fun and relaxing experience for you.