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Echoes of Heather and Stone - Print

Echoes of Heather and Stone is a timeless collection of 8 garments and accessory handknits inspired by Ireland's ancient past. Ireland is a small nation, on a small island, but with a rich history and geography that has inspired artists and crafters for generations. The book uses Stolen Stitches ‘Nua’ yarn that has a subtle palate that allows each design to shine.
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    The designs use different levels of knitwear techniques allowing the knitter to add to their existing toolkit as they work through each exquisite pattern. As an introduction to the collection, each designer describes their thought process and design inspiration in their own words along with supporting essays on Ireland’s heritage and locations by Nadia Seaver and photography by Joseph Feller .

    We hope you find Ireland’s heritage as fascinating and inspiring as we did! Enjoy this unique collection of beautiful designs, created by my wonderful team of collaborators:
    Ahenny by Jennifer Wood
    Aine by Isabell Kraemer
    Epona by Carol Feller
    Knowth by Karie Westermann
    Newgrange Shawl by Lucy Hague
    Shamrock by Justyna Lorkowska
    Talamed by Amada Schwabe
    Trittico by Woolly Wormhead
    Plus essays by Nadia Seaver

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