Celtic Knits Club 2020

2020 Club is now Closed

About the Club

The Celtic Knits club is all about the beauty of Irish yarn, cables and learning.

In this club I’ve pulled together some of my favourite things to share with you; cables, teaching and wonderful yarn. As an extra bonus there will be some exciting treats along the way.


New To Cables?

This club can be enjoyed by experienced and newer cable knitters alike; the projects will progress from a smaller simpler project to a larger final garment or blanket project. For newer cable knitters every step of the way will be supported with videos and tutorials. Working through each of the projects as you receive them will help you build the skills you need to complete the final project.


The Yarn

With the help of Donegal Yarns we’ve sourced a yarn that’s 60% Irish; its rustic but still comfortable to knit with and wear. It’s ideal for cables, especially if you are new to them as there is enough 'stick' to hold the stitches.

Several years ago there was a project called ‘Project Homegrown’ https://vimeo.com/67196603 , to try and improve the availability of Irish wool. In this project Donegal Yarns worked closely with the wool merchants on sourcing Irish wool. By working on a good selection from the various breeds with improved sorting and grading they have established a good wool that is comfortable to knit with and wear. The blend contains 60% Fine Irish that is blended with 40% New Zealand Lambswool.
For this club they are custom milling a special dk (double knitting) weight for us, this is a really nice yarn weight to work with and won’t be as heavy as more traditional aran knitting.

The Tutorials & Patterns

If you’ve done a knit-along with me you will know how much I love tutorials! Using video tutorials allows me to knit along with you, explaining the steps as we work. All videos and patterns will be hosted in a dedicated teaching forum so it will be easy for you to follow along as we work through the projects.

During the Celtic Knits Club we will be using a dedicated class platform that allows me to link all of the patterns and tutorials together in a very easy-to-use way and allows you to keep the tutorials in order for future reference.

All patterns will be exclusive to the club until after the club is over.

The Extras

What would a club be without the extras? When you sign up you will get an exclusive 6 month planner that has been custom designed for the club by Badly Made Books. With the club shipments you’ll get special Celtic stitch markers from a local Cork crafts person and there are a few more local specials that I’ll be adding into your club packages along the way! By signing up to the Celtic Knits Club you are supporting other local Irish makers who take as much care in their products as I do with mine.


Sign-ups will close on the 20th of December, 2020. The yarn is being custom spun so I need to have the volume of yarn needed for the mill for them to spin.

  • On sign-up you will be immediately sent out the 6 month custom planner
  • First club package will be shipped in March
  • Second club package will be shipped in May
  • Third club package will be shipped in July

What is Included

This is an all inclusive club. The club includes; yarn, extra goodies, patterns, tutorials and worldwide shipping.

Knitting Level

If you are an intermediate or above knitter this club is for you! It is designed to allow you to build on your cable knitting skills as you move through the projects. Support is available via tutorials on a dedicated, easy to use, teaching platform.


This club is all custom designed and produced. As all items are custom made you can only cancel up to December 20th with the club is closing to membership.

If you are going with the installment plan you are committing to payment of the full 3 payments.



If you wish to send this club as a gift you can add a note to the order letting me know it is a gift, their email address and what you would like written in the first package that is sent out.

On checkout you can fill your details in for billing with your email but then ensure that the shipping address is to the gift recipient.

Please email me if you need any help with gift orders: office@stolenstitches.com