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Buy 1 Give 1 Online Knitting Workshops

Start Your Own Mini KAL On Us

We all know that knitting is better with a friend, so from November 22nd to November 29th, for every workshop purchased from us, you can gift one to a friend for FREE.

We know how much you enjoy our knit-alongs, and we also know at this time of year, knitting through one project with a friend can mean the world to you.

So why not invite your friend to join you and let us pay for their workshops. 

They will have access to the same step-by-step videos as you, the same Knithub forums, and we will be there should you need any help along the way. 

Choose from our Masterclasses, Project Workshops and past Celtic Knits Club workshop packages. So yes, this is your sign if you have been eyeing up any of our online workshops. 

Take your projects on the go with access from desktop, tablet and mobile. We know how much meeting up in person means to you, so all of our workshops are available when you need them, even at your local coffee shop.

As always, all workshops are available with unlimited lifetime access 24/7.

How it Works 

  1. You choose your workshop and purchase.
  2. You will get an email that you can reply to letting us know what workshop (for the same or lesser value) you would like us to send your friend with their email address.
  3. We will add your friend to your workshop** and you can start your very own mini KAL.


All that's left is for you to choose your workshops here:

(Yes, you do have the option to gift a second workshop to yourself if you prefer.)
*Please note that current Clubs and Subscriptions are not included in this offer.
**Please allow some slight processing time for your free workshop to be delivered.