Spraoi KAL

Welcome to the May 2019 KAL, Spraoi.

spraoi knitted cardigan

On this page you'll find links to all necessary tutorials and videos to help you along when you are knitting this cardigan.

Every time a new clue is added you will find extra videos on here so make sure you check back regularly!

 Techniques used in the pattern:

Cable Cast-On

Working a Buttonhole

Learn how to measure gauge in a lace pattern:

 Clue 1

This first video shows you how to work an Invisible Cast-On.

Once you are finished with the first half of the neckband you will need to go back and undo that cast-on. See how to do that in this video here:

Next you will set up your raglan:

Taking a looking at how the raglan is progressing:

Clue 2

At the start of Clue 2 you will divide the sleeves from the body of the cardigan. After you slip those stitches onto waste yarn you will use a cable cast-on to cast on stitches under the armhole.

Clue 3

On clue 3 you will be working the sleeves. In this Raglan Construction video here you can see how this is done if you are new to it.

If you want to get different ideas on how to work a small circumference in the round you can see my full blog post listing several different methods here.