Bubble Dash Shawl KAL Tutorials

January 09, 2018

Welcome to the Bubble Dash Shawl KAL!

This set of tutorials will walk you through the trickier aspects of this knitalong. I'll share videos with you of the the different techniques and clues as we work through the shawl.

Yarn Amounts

If you are working with Nua yarn and starting with 5 skeins you'll use almost all of the yarn. If you do a swatch at the start make sure to keep it safe as you many want to unravel it at the end to use for the fringe. There can be fairly big variations in the amount of yarn knitters use due to different tensions so it's possible that you could run too low with certain colours. Also the size of skeins can very by several grams. But remember that you are working on a shawl that has got a lot of colour variation. If you have plenty of one colour but are almost out of another you can play with changing the colours and stripes around! It's all about having fun with your colour.

Tracking Yarn

To track the amount of yarn I use I have a digital scale. I check the weight of the yarn at the start and at the end of each clue/section. Clue 1 is in one piece but then clue 2 and 3 divide in 2. At the end of clue 1 you will weigh your yarn and divide it into 2 using the scale so that you'll have equal amounts of yarn for each wing.

You could of course do some re-imagining with the colours and have 2 different sets of colours for each side!

Increasing Shawl Size

Clue 1 is worked in one piece from the bottom tip and can be extended. If you want a larger shawl and have got a second skein of colour 2 then you can continue in stripe pattern for the amount you want to extend. Keep this section mainly colour 2 with a few stripes of colour 4. I'd suggest not using much of colour 1 and 3 as you will need almost all of them for clue 2 and 3.

When you move on to clue 2 and 3 you'll divide into 2 wings and you will need to have equal amounts of yarn for each wing. Don't extend the size too much in clue 1 an you will also be adding extra decrease rows in the wings also.

Bubble Stitch

The bubble pattern uses a stitch that I refer to as the 'bubble stitch'. To work the stitch you have colour 1, then you work 4 rows in colour 2. When you come back to colour 1 you will work the set number of sts in stockinette stitch and then drop the next one down. This is especially easy with 2 colours as it's basically colour coded! You drop 4 rows until you get back to colour 1, then knit the stitch (trapping the 4 floats behind the stitch).

This is what it looks like:

Dropping the Stitch

Dropping the Stitch down.

Putting Floats on Needle.

Putting Floats on Needle.

Knitting floats with the stitch.

Here is a video of it in action: