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woman standing in front of stone wall wearing grey knitted sweater, smiling and looking down

Right now I find that I'm very protective of my knitting time. It’s the time I use to nurture myself, and bring myself peace. This means that they type of project I choose is very important. Right now I want my projects to be intuitive, and relaxing enough that they don’t require my complete brain power! But still enough to think about that I’m not going to be bored knitting them.

Glenbarrow was just perfect for this! The Double Moss stitch was easy to memorise but just a bit more interesting to work than plain stockinette stitch. The raglan shoulder shaping is a pleasantly familiar shape that produces a great garment shape.

How it fits together

This sweater is knit from the top down with modified raglan shaping. At the beginning there are full raglan increases and then after that the sleeve increases slow down relative to the body increases. Between all the raglan increases there is a double moss stitch panel that flows all the way from the neck to the hem.

back of woman in grey knitted sweater leaning forward

Once you have completed the yoke the body has gently waist shaping between the panels, creating a gentle hourglass curve. For anyone who wants to modify the waist shaping this is a very easy change to make and I’ll have suggestions on how to achieve that in the pattern tips.

Finally when you complete the sweater you end with a double moss stitch panel along the bottom.


You can find the sizing below, I give two sets of sizes; the first is the suggested fit, which includes ease. The second one are the actual 'measurements' which you can use to make your own judgement call on how you'd like your sweater to fit.

To Fit Actual Bust Circumference up to: 31.75 (35.25, 38, 41.5, 44.25, 47.75, 50.5, 53, 56.75, 59.25)” / 80.5 (89.5, 96.5, 105.5, 112.5, 121.5, 128.5, 134.5, 144, 150.5) cm

2-3” / 5 – 7.5 cm of positive ease recommended

Bust Circumference: 33.75 (37.25, 40, 43.5, 46.25, 49.75, 52.5, 55, 58.75, 61.25)” / 85.5 (94.5, 101.5, 110.5, 117.5, 126.5, 133.5, 139.5, 149, 155.5) cm
Size 37.25” / 84.5 cm modelled with 2”/ 5 cm positive ease.
Length from Back Of Neck: 23 (24, 24.25, 24.5, 25, 25.25, 25.5, 26.25, 26.75, 27.5)” / 58.5 (61, 61.5, 62, 63.5, 64, 65, 66.5, 68, 70) cm

KAL Timing

If you're new to my KAL then it's important to note that they are released as s series of 'clues'. This means that when you purchase the KAL on presale initially you will only get an information pdf not the complete pattern. Each section of the pattern will be released as a 'clue' on the schedule laid out below:

  • Clue 1: 24th September
  • Clue 2: 8th October
  • Clue 3: 22nd October
  • Final prize raffle: 5th November

When the KAL is over you will receive a copy of the complete pattern. You can find out more about our KALs here.


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