Zero to Knit


Zero to Knit is a power-packed workshop series that takes you by the hand from utter knitting novice right the way through to completing your first (mini) cardigan.

Conquer knitting basics as you learn the lingo and technical know-how of everything from wool, yarn and the anatomy of a stitch.

Develop your unique eye and keen set of skills that will leave you with all the skills you need to tackle your next knitting adventure.

Time isn't a factor as we developed this course to be consumed in whatever stolen moments you can find.

Have time for a coffee break?

Having a quiet lunch?

Want to enjoy some serious Knitflix time? (It's knitting and Netflix and Yes it's a HUGE thing!)

Then what are you waiting for? Zero to Knit has everything you need to start making unique handknits that you cannot find in the shops.