May 31, 2018

I'll be teaching 2 classes at Yarnporium, Fearless Cables and Short Rows.

Location: London

Date: November 2-3 2018

Fearless Cables Workshop

Do charts make you uncomfortable? Or perhaps you even avoid patterns that have charts? This class will work you through chart and cable basics until you feel like a pro! Learn how to read a cable chart directly, even without a legend. Tons of tips on fixing common cable problems; tightening up edge stitches, even dropping down cables to fix mistakes on a previous row!

Pop on over here and registers your interest now. 

Short Rows

If you find short rows intimidating (perhaps even avoid patterns that mention short rows?) or if you just want to perfect your technique then you’ll love this workshop. We will be working our way through different short row techniques until we find one that suits you. We will start with the standard wrap & turn and move from there onto Japanese, German and Yarnover methods. Once the short rows have been perfected we can explore innovative ways to use your short rows and incorporate them into your work!