Knit Basics


Knit Basics is a comprehensive workshop series that will dramatically shortcut your path to creating the hand knits that you want in your life.


Now is your chance to develop the skills you need to create those woolly knits of your dreams. Hand knits that are unique to you are only an online course away!


These online classes are designed to be taken in whatever stolen moments you can find!

Carol will walk you through the process step by step so that you can master each technique before moving on.

Only have time for a coffee break?

That's enough to master needle types.

Time for a quick cuppa?

Then you have time to take on the anatomy of a stitch.


Don't worry we got you.

Before you know it, you not only will be a whizz with the needles you will also have a knowledge base of knitting lingo and the technical know how to put it to the test.


Feeling overwhelmed?

Don't be, each section is designed so that you can create something small and tangible. This way you are slowly building on your knowledge and not so worried about 'messing up' an entire project.

Join us on Knit Basics.