A Yarn Story 2018

May 31, 2018

I will be teaching 3 workshops at A Yarn Story in Bath this September. 

Location:  Bath, Somerset, England. 

Date: September 8th - 9th 2018


Measure, Match, Modify: Knitting Perfect Sweaters before you Cast-on

Knitting a sweater can be very intimidating; they are long projects with so many things to keep track of.  However, a perfectly fitting handknit sweater can be incredibly satisfying. In this class you’ll learn three key skills for knitting perfect sweaters: how to measure yourself correctly, how to match body measurements to pattern sizes, and how to modify patterns to fit your unique body shape.

We’ll examine different sweater styles and how they can be modified. Bring your own pattern with you to work on and get advice on in class and leave with a perfect sweater in waiting!

More Information and booking here
Seamless Skills and Techniques

This uniquely formatted workshop will involve knitting a micro-sweater in order to gain a valuable toolkit of essential seamless knitting skills and techniques. You will learn a variety of techniques for knitting in the round; short row neck shaping, raglan increases, removing sleeves, shaping the body, stretchy edging, and creating neat and tidy underarms. We’ll even talk about the best ways to try on your WIP for size. Seamless knitting is wonderful for creating well-fitted, customised garments. This class will provide you with a good bag of techniques to make the most of it!

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Short Rows

If you find short rows intimidating (perhaps even avoid patterns that mention short rows?) or if you just want to perfect your technique then you’ll love this workshop. We will be working our way through different short row techniques until we find one that suits you. We will start with the standard wrap & turn and move from there onto Japanese, German and Yarnover methods. Once the short rows have been perfected we can explore innovative ways to use your short rows and incorporate them into your work!

more information and booking here.